Working From Scratch


Everyone wants to know how the cut is coming, so this journal will be a nice way to be informative to those who care, instead of being a broken record who says, “The cut is great. Its really coming along.”

This is a great week to start this journal too. After a month off of the project, I started cutting again last week and I finally found my groove. I think taking my focus off of Heart of Now for the first time in over 5 months, allowed me to come back clear minded and focused.

Zak and I tag teamed to make an almost 4 hour assembly before we left for death valley, so we knew exactly what we were building towards before we shot the ending. So we already know what the 4 hour version feels like…

Now I am working from scratch, on my first pass of all of the scenes. I am trying to blend all of the best “stuff” from all of the takes to get the individual scenes to work by themselves. When the full first pass is done, I will be able to see where things get confusing, or have too much information, and tighten and sculpt the whole story from there. The second pass for me will take the focus off of the individual scenes and start to really think about what the story as a whole really needs, or doesn’t need. Walter Murch talks about the importance of “killing your darlings.” The second pass will be tough, but luckily, it is a ways away.

Like I mentioned earlier, this past week was an amazing week for me editorially. I got to come back to the project clear minded and I was the only one at Sabi, so I got to just get to it, with no distractions, which was really great. I also got to tackle scene 27. Holy S#%*! was that an editing adrenaline boost. After a string of cutting some fairly dialogue heavy scenes, a long came scene 27. It has so much raw emotion and movement, it gave me that surge I’ve been needing.

It was shot on day 3 of production and I still remember the vibe and electricity on the set that day. All of the vibe made its way on to the screen in an amazing way. Since it was day 3, we were all still trying to figure each other out (cast and crew), and Marion was taking herself to a place I don’t think I ever want to go. It was on that day I learned that when Marion has the journal out and the iPod on, just let her be, something amazing is about to happen. And that something amazing was Sc 27 take 4, Zak and Matt Garret know what I’m talking about. I can’t wait to share this scene (when its finished) with everyone.

For my first entry I had to be pretty general to catch those who care, up to where I am. My hope is for the next entries to be more specific. If something was vague or you have questions, or feel like commenting, please let me know. I have never had an interactive journal before, so I am excited to see where this goes. Alright, thats it for now, Scene 31 awaits.

Heart of Now