The Editor’s Job


Is it the editor’s job to protect the story or give the director what he/she wants? I believe it is the editor’s job to do both. A few days ago I cut the scene where Gabe (Kelly) gets in his car after reuniting with Amber (marion). (On a side note, it was the first scene we shot on the first day of production…oh the memories). I cut the scene the way I thought it should go (granted, it was not perfect), and Zak wanted to go another direction with it. His direction wasn’t quite what I had in mind. I left that night in frustration having cut the scene the way he wanted. The next day I came in and instead of getting frustrated again, I simply looked at the scene in a new way, still keeping Zak’s vision intact and adding an element of sound design that really adds to the scene. I hope Seivers has fun with this one. The seat belt beep in Gabe’s car now blends into the elevator dings of the following scene with Amber. It really connects the two scenes and gives them a weight, and a mirroring effect that I hadn’t seen looking at the dailies before. I know Zak had planned for a lot of shots and scenes and characters to mirror each other, but i’m not sure if this one was premeditated or an amazing result of the moment.

I often wonder if Kevin had disagreements with himself between his editor’s brain, and his writer/director brain? Given Zak and I’s relationship, cutting this gets a little more interesting. But we are day by day finding our way. We are now watching the dailies down together before I cut the scene, I’m excited to see how this helps to shape the story.

I’d like to end this entry on an exciting note for me…I started working on the Chapter 2 scenes today!!!! Whoo Hooo! First pass of Chapter 1 scenes accomplished. I started working on the scene where Amber enters Gabe’s apartment for the first time. I love how the lighting and set design of Gabe’s dwelling feels completely different from everything else in the movie. I know by the end of Chapter 2 I will be excited for different scenery, but at least for today, his drab world was exciting.

Heart of Now