Shaking These Negative Feelings

This past Saturday we were at a festival for IFHY. Because the short uses the F-Word a few times it was paired with other “R” rated films which just happened to be the most ultra violent, misogynistic, offensive, racist, and insensitive films I have ever seen together. By the time that our film finally screened after sitting through 2 hours of this, I was left feeling really angry at what I had just experienced and even more enraged about how mis-programmed our short was.

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A List of Revelations

So when I last left the edit bay it was back in the beginning of June right before we left for the South Side film festival. I gotta say I left the cut rather unpleasantly. For that week leading up to South Side I was working on the scene where Gabe takes Amber to the ocean to location scout. It was a week that Zak didn’t have eight other projects going on, so he was kind of all up in my editing business and really pushing me. We really had it out about what our work flow process together should be and where the cut was and it was really hard on me. I’m still emotionally not really over our last talk about it and so I’ve been avoiding the edit bay like the plague.

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Against My Rule

So a job that pays the bills exploded at Sabi over the past 2 months, hence my absence for the editor’s journal. In the past 2 months I only was able to work on Heart of Now for a few hours. Those hours were great however. Zak and I went back to scene one and watched the sequence down. When something wouldn’t feel right we would stop, analyze it, and either change the cut or the shot, etc. until we were both happy to continue. I found that experience to be really great because to me it symbolized the fact that we know a little bit more about where we are going with the story and how we want it to go. Back when I cut scene one I was overwhelmed, not quite sure what I was doing, and my instructions from Zak were to fit everything that he liked into the scene (there are always a lot of great moments in the footage, but not necessarily when you put them all together). He wanted that knowing that eventually some of the things would be cut, and now we are finally to that point.

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Scene 53

Sorry the journal has been quiet for awhile. I was waiting for the day that I could start off the entry by saying, “yay! I finally conquered the beast of a scene that is scene 53.” I have been working on it for several days now and at the end of each day of going in a new direction with the scene, I would think to myself, ok great, now that that version is out of the way, tomorrow I can come in and knock it out of the park. But the next day I would come in find myself in a new direction that still wasn’t working.

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The Editor’s Job

Is it the editor’s job to protect the story or give the director what he/she wants? I believe it is the editor’s job to do both. A few days ago I cut the scene where Gabe (Kelly) gets in his car after reuniting with Amber (marion). (On a side note, it was the first scene we shot on the first day of production…oh the memories). I cut the scene the way I thought it should go (granted, it was not perfect), and Zak wanted to go another direction with it. His direction wasn’t quite what I had in mind. I left that night in frustration having cut the scene the way he wanted. The next day I came in and instead of getting frustrated again, I simply looked at the scene in a new way, still keeping Zak’s vision intact and adding an element of sound design that really adds to the scene. I hope Seivers has fun with this one. The seat belt beep in Gabe’s car now blends into the elevator dings of the following scene with Amber. It really connects the two scenes and gives them a weight, and a mirroring effect that I hadn’t seen looking at the dailies before. I know Zak had planned for a lot of shots and scenes and characters to mirror each other, but i’m not sure if this one was premeditated or an amazing result of the moment.

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Working From Scratch

Everyone wants to know how the cut is coming, so this journal will be a nice way to be informative to those who care, instead of being a broken record who says, “The cut is great. Its really coming along.”

This is a great week to start this journal too. After a month off of the project, I started cutting again last week and I finally found my groove. I think taking my focus off of Heart of Now for the first time in over 5 months, allowed me to come back clear minded and focused.

Zak and I tag teamed to make an almost 4 hour assembly before we left for death valley, so we knew exactly what we were building towards before we shot the ending. So we already know what the 4 hour version feels like…

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