It’s Not Hard To Make Me Cry


I’m kicking it old school this time and hope that people still like to read. Not to worry though, there will be more video podcasts in the future.

I have exciting news! I just finished cutting the last scene in act 2, which means I have just 13 more scenes to explore in act 3 before we have a completed first pass of the film! I am ecstatic! We are so close to the end where we can finally sit back and watch the whole thing down to see where we are lagging, unclear, or most important, kicking ass.

Boy did I have a rough last few weeks. When last we left off in the podcasts I was so excited to work on the party scene. But the truth is the party scene is not just one scene that leads us to the end. It is actually an emotionally intense and complex blend of about 10 scenes with lots of characters, intercutting and music. Amber really gets put through the ringer in these 15 minutes of the film and I’ve been emotionally there in the trenches with her for the last 2 weeks.

I cut the last scene in this sequence today and it really got to me. After alienating her friends, finally seeing her boyfriend for who he is and making some wrong choices, the last person that she has, Gabe, walks out on her. Granted its not hard to make me cry, but seeing Amber hit her lowest point to the beautiful song, “The Photographer” by Airom Bleicher, mixed with an amazingly broken and numb performance by Marion Kerr, made me a complete mess. I can’t wait to watch this scene with an audience and see the reaction, which means less typing and more cutting…

Heart of Now