Earning Violence

We all know that one creepy guy in the audience. The one who we all know is laughing for the wrong reasons. That guy makes my skin crawl. And that is the guy I had in mind when I signed up to edit LUCID, a psychological horror film about a newly wedded woman, who dreams each night that her husband is trying to kill her.

As a female, I am sensitive to how violence against women is portrayed. As a female editor, I am even more aware of my responsibilities in that portrayal. Making it my personal goal to tell a truthful film, without being exploitative. The story of Lucid was conceived of by its female star, Marion Kerr, and was going to be edited by a female, so it seemed like a simple enough task. But as I stood there being strangled by our camera assistant as we practiced what angles would be most effective to cheat the violence. The voice inside me questioned, just what kinda of movie am I helping to create here?

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Editor on Set

I have heard from many editors, how visiting the set really messes them up. Being on set shows them parts of the production that they would rather not have in their head, which I definitely understand. Other editors like to stop by towards the beginning of production to make sure a proper work flow is in order, and then they can retreat to the comfort of their edit bay and get to work. And in a perfectly funded world, I would love to only be on set in an editor capacity and get to start playing with the footage immediately after it has been shot.

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Back In The Saddle

It’s time to dust off the blog as much has happened since I last left off. Heart of Now has had a nice festival run, playing 8 festivals including its World Premiere at the amazing Dead Center Film Festival. And as soon as the ink dries, I can officially announce the film’s impending distribution deal, so stay tuned.

Also, in my time away, I got hitched. Which was truly an amazing day, and the best life decision I have made so far. The only minor down side was the wedding planning and having to turn down work to organize the big day. When you are freelance, it’s not the best to say no to work, as those connections soon find new connections to go to.

But all of my time off has truly been a blessing. While cutting behind the scenes for the studios has been great, my true passion has always been cutting narrative films and I have been using this extra time to really focus on that.

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