Back In The Saddle


It’s time to dust off the blog as much has happened since I last left off. Heart of Now has had a nice festival run, playing 8 festivals including its World Premiere at the amazing Dead Center Film Festival. And as soon as the ink dries, I can officially announce the film’s impending distribution deal, so stay tuned.

Also, in my time away, I got hitched. Which was truly an amazing day, and the best life decision I have made so far. The only minor down side was the wedding planning and having to turn down work to organize the big day. When you are freelance, it’s not the best to say no to work, as those connections soon find new connections to go to.

But all of my time off has truly been a blessing. While cutting behind the scenes for the studios has been great, my true passion has always been cutting narrative films and I have been using this extra time to really focus on that.

I will not just solely be preaching “In The Blink of an Eye” on here anymore, as I have read several more editing books including “The Conversations,” “Cut To The Chase,” “When The Shooting Stops…The Cutting Begins,” and I will dive into “Dream Repairman” next. I have fallen in love with my CinemaEditor subscription as well.

I also finally joined Twitter, where I have found a great editing community and independent film conversation. I may not always interact, but I am frequently there to lurk. Twitter has also led me to a tremendous editing resource, Art of the Guillotine, where I have read countless articles and blogs, listened several to podcasts, and watched several videos all in the hope of honing and improving my craft.

While all of my studies have been great, there has been one major element missing, and thats cutting. Recently in pre-production for a proof of concept project titled LUCID, I got to briefly play around with and cut fight test footage starring yours truly. Despite my lack of acting chops, I was electrified to finally be cutting again. I was only attached to the project in a production sound capacity, but after that editing buzz I had to ask the director, Kevin K. Shah, if he would at least consider me to cut it. Fortunately, he said yes.

We just got back from a physically grueling, yet awesome week filming LUCID in Palm Springs. I’ve only had a day so far to explore and work with the footage, but man does it feel good to finally be back in the saddle.

Heart of Now, Lucid