Against My Rule


So a job that pays the bills exploded at Sabi over the past 2 months, hence my absence for the editor’s journal. In the past 2 months I only was able to work on Heart of Now for a few hours. Those hours were great however. Zak and I went back to scene one and watched the sequence down. When something wouldn’t feel right we would stop, analyze it, and either change the cut or the shot, etc. until we were both happy to continue. I found that experience to be really great because to me it symbolized the fact that we know a little bit more about where we are going with the story and how we want it to go. Back when I cut scene one I was overwhelmed, not quite sure what I was doing, and my instructions from Zak were to fit everything that he liked into the scene (there are always a lot of great moments in the footage, but not necessarily when you put them all together). He wanted that knowing that eventually some of the things would be cut, and now we are finally to that point.

So I’ve been back to the cut for a little over a week and a few scenes have been cut. I finally gave up my battle with scene 53 and moved on (for now). A scene of note is scene 63 where Tobey and Amber have their first phone call post separation. I had to cut this scene against my rule to find the baseline take and only add from others when necessary. Zak and I are taking a major plot point in a different direction, therefore forcing me to break that rule. But I found that for this scene that it really worked. I was able to play with the lengths of the silences between Amber and Tobey or lack of silence in some cases causing them to step on each-others thoughts, to show that one of them is not really listening at all, just talking. And the picture to this scene Zak had always intended to be disconnected and not really matching what we are hearing so I think that helped the new version of the phone call to flow and feel natural, and not pieced together.

Heart of Now