Picture Lock: A Love Story

At the beginning of feature editorial there is so much unknown that the only thing you can be sure of is having self doubt. But you dig in, keep your head down, placing one frame in front of another as you embark on a journey that entails an overwhelming amount of decisions. It may take weeks, or it might take months, but inevitably you encounter that certain scene or sequence that draws you in, that clicks, and bam, you know that you have hit your stride. That previous timeline of hair-pulling and uncertainty begins to take shape and breathe with life. Guided by the director’s voice, now clearly in your head, and armed with the previously earned knowledge of each actors’ specific rhythms and the camera’s inclinations you can swiftly merge all of these elements to their maximum potential (or at least pretty darn close, we’re still talking first cut here). You have gone from the unknown to the known and there is nothing more rewarding than that moment of discovery in your editorial life…

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