My Directors: Zak Forsman (Down and Dangerous), Gary King (Unnerved), and Brian James Crewe (Uné Liberation).

My Year of Cutting Dangerously

No Fourth of July barbecue for this girl, I was too busy cutting a funeral scene that day. While you were setting your clocks back this fall, I was spending some quality time in German occupied France. As you were dodging buttered popcorn flavored jelly beans and spending time with loved ones, I was hanging out in the woods, where there might have been some supernatural forces at play. Christmas, all right, you got me. I took Christmas day off, but you get what I’m going for: weekends, holidays, you name it, since June 4, 2013 I have most likely been cutting… dangerously, very dangerously.

A look back on the numbers: 365 days, two features, one short, three directors, two NLEs, two chairs, a standing desk, and 375 large cups of coffee later, I’m still cutting. So what does it all mean? I’ve pretty much dropped off the map for a year, leaving very little time for much else. Sorry friends and family. It has also left me feeling exhausted and a little burnt out; a problem I welcome greatly. Finding ways to keep a little fuel in the creative tank has been a challenge this past year. But I did.

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