Instant Gratification

Closure. Its a simple enough idea, but it doesn’t always come when or how we expect. As an editor and as a filmmaker, it’s an idea I’ve been wrestling with for a while. You invest yourself in a certain story for years, but when is it time to close the book and move onto the next project?

When I first read the script for Heart of Now, an art house indie drama, I was struck by the story’s beauty. I just felt in my gut that it should play at Cannes. It just seemed like the right fit to debut and launch this particular story. I was of course a novice to the whole process at that time. I had huge expectations for the film and believed that everyone would feel as strongly about the project as I did. We submitted Heart of Now to Cannes and several other of the top tier festivals, and I was devastated and confused by the rejections. I didn’t get the instant gratification that I foolishly expected and believed I deserved.

Knowing of these rejections when we had our cast and crew screening I felt like I should write the closure blog for the film then, but I wasn’t ready yet. When the film had its premiere at the Dead Center Film Festival I also felt like that would be an ideal time for the closure post, but I just didn’t feel satisfied and couldn’t bring myself to do it. We played a few more festivals but the closure that I wanted eluded me.

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