Earning Violence

We all know that one creepy guy in the audience. The one who we all know is laughing for the wrong reasons. That guy makes my skin crawl. And that is the guy I had in mind when I signed up to edit LUCID, a psychological horror film about a newly wedded woman, who dreams each night that her husband is trying to kill her.

As a female, I am sensitive to how violence against women is portrayed. As a female editor, I am even more aware of my responsibilities in that portrayal. Making it my personal goal to tell a truthful film, without being exploitative. The story of Lucid was conceived of by its female star, Marion Kerr, and was going to be edited by a female, so it seemed like a simple enough task. But as I stood there being strangled by our camera assistant as we practiced what angles would be most effective to cheat the violence. The voice inside me questioned, just what kinda of movie am I helping to create here?

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