Halloween Anniversary

So I was cutting scene 120 yesterday. It’s the scene where Gabe and Amber stop for gas on their way to Death Valley and I was struggling with it. The scene had about five or so beats to it, and with all of the beats together, it wasn’t really working for me. So I went through all of the takes and pulled my selects of the beats that I thought were working. I still didn’t have the enthusiasm that I wanted to cut the scene. So I showed Zak the selects that I had pulled and it lead to a really good discussion.

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It’s Not Hard To Make Me Cry

I’m kicking it old school this time and hope that people still like to read. Not to worry though, there will be more video podcasts in the future.

I have exciting news! I just finished cutting the last scene in act 2, which means I have just 13 more scenes to explore in act 3 before we have a completed first pass of the film! I am ecstatic! We are so close to the end where we can finally sit back and watch the whole thing down to see where we are lagging, unclear, or most important, kicking ass.

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