Leaving Great Moments on the Cutting Room Floor

Slowly but surely the cut is moving a long nicely. We now have about 58 minutes of a really solid film. I’m not saying 58 locked minutes, but the cut is in really good shape. Back in the beginning of July, I went back to scene one and started re exploring every scene I had cut so far, making sure to keep each scene real and human, and not to force anything. The results have been great (IMHO). And I am caught back up to Scene 70 where I left off to re explore the previous material.

During my re exploration there were 2 big scenes of note that I’d like to share:

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Shaking These Negative Feelings

This past Saturday we were at a festival for IFHY. Because the short uses the F-Word a few times it was paired with other “R” rated films which just happened to be the most ultra violent, misogynistic, offensive, racist, and insensitive films I have ever seen together. By the time that our film finally screened after sitting through 2 hours of this, I was left feeling really angry at what I had just experienced and even more enraged about how mis-programmed our short was.

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